About Us

The U.S. Green Schools Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation. The mission of the Foundation is to enrich K-12 curricula with educational resources related to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.

The US Green Schools website is a portal containing information for educators on 14 sustainability topics across three platforms.

about us

Resource Page

Resource Pages

Each resource page includes videos, lesson plans, newsfeeds, links to relevant organizations, and environmental events to connect the school calendar to curriculum. All information is discovered, filtered, and kept current by field specialists.

Resource Page

Community Connection

We'll help you find ways to connect locally to reinforce sustainability education through field trips, speakers who will visit the classroom, and programs designed by local universities and other institutions to extend classroom learning.

Resource Page

Blogs and Social Media

Our specialists are experienced professionals with expertise in education, nutrition, and the environment. They provide helpful suggestions, highlighting new information, and interpreting leading trends. Connect through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Blog conversations.